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Chakras:  Third Eye and Crown

Zodiac signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Aquarius

Month stone : FEBRUARY

Properties: The amethyst is a powerful quartz with a high spiritual vibration. It is very good at blocking geopathic stress and negative energies in its surroundings. It is beneficial to the mind as it calms and stimulates. It supports with centering, balance, focus and control. A good stone that promotes intuition and medial abilities. Amethyst is also used for decision-making and putting decisions and insights into practice. 

Areas of use:   Amethyst is widely used in energy work such as healing, meditation and also astral travel due to its calmness and protection. Many people use the amethyst in the bedroom where they can get a good night's sleep, remember their dreams and ward off nightmares and insomnia. It is also useful when you have "lost" someone or have worry and anxiety as it calms both body and mind.  

Why are you drawn to this crystal? Do you suffer from an overactive brain and hard to know where to start? Amethyst helps by trusting your gut while improving memory and motivation to follow your heart's path. Or maybe you want to start with your own spiritual development, then Amethyst is a very good "starter stone" 


Weight : 3375 g

Height ; 19cm stone, 25cm with stand. Width; 12 cm